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Spencer Ray Woods AkA WoodburN is from the City of Trees (Boise Idaho). WoodburN ihip-hops best-kept secret and at 35 he has a gift for lyrics that areunmatched in the rap game. WoodburN came from humble beginnings. His musical roots started out in coral music and with learning to play the violin at the age of 8 years old. After high school WoodburN had the opportunity to be apart of two metal bands;Basement and Evologic. These experiences taught WoodburN the work ethic he prides himself on today. WoodburN had the opportunity to tour all over the Northwest, Nevada, and California

If you ask him, WoodburN would tell you that he has been at this a long time. Even during his metal days he was writing his own lyrics. After the members of Evologic went their own ways, WoodburN hid himself away and started writing. It wasn't until 2014 that WoodburN did his first solo hip hop show. ProHos live was just the beginning of WoodburNs hip-hop career. 

If you spend much time with WoodburN you learn quickly that music fuels the burn in his passion. Passionateis an understatement when describing this talented emcee. Ambitious, practiced, dedicated, intelligent, technical, and diverse are some of the more commom adjectives used when describing this well rehearsed forest fire. Each track WoodburN puts together is carefully and strategicallychosen. With fire at the forefront, this anomaly will captivate your ears. 

On May 24th 2015 WoodburN decided to begin his push into Boise. Since that time he has dropped his first mixtape known as "aFireFuelStixTape." This was a life long dream for WoodburN.  In August of 2015WoodburNtook a major leap, put in a home studioand began honing his skills as a studio worthy emceeNo more heating and cooling for this man who had made a career of HVAC. WoodburN will tell you how grateful he is for the blessings in his life and he does not take one second for grated. WoodburN took the opportunity and is now on the journey of self trained posted production and engineering. This man works tirelessly to better himself as an artist and a man. Fast forward 6 months and he is holding writing classes with the elite and rookies alike. WoodburN's dream has always been to run a music school. 

WoodburN has had the opportunity in the last 8 month to check more items off his bucket list. Organizing and putting on his first annual birthday bash was just the first of many. Artists local as well as national have invited woodburn to open for them. BluePrintLockSmith, and Tech N9ne will go down in history as unforgettable experiences; not only for performance reasons, but connecting with veteran emcees he has highly respected for decades

CurrentlyWoodburN is building his team and expanding in the United States as well as over seas. WoodburN is currently a featured artist on Reaction Radio out of London. Some other noteworthy projects are the second mixtape known as "HeartBurNaSmokefuelStiixTape," with his full length EP, FireSeason, dropping in JuneWhen WoodburN looks at the future, there are no limits. Hard work, longevity, and dedication are what WoodburN prides his life to. This affords WoodburN the opportunity to create 24/7 and share his gift with all who are present in TheLaB. With no surface writing allowed, WoodburN challenges emcees to prefect their craft. TheLabOfWoodburN is a highly regarded sanctuary for WoodburN, no wonder he feels so blessed and humbled being in the presence of emcees invited to create in the high frequency headspace. 2016 is going to be one for the record books.  

"BlueFlamE" by WoodburN  feat. Darian Renee (Prod. GAmmo) Executive Prod. Justin Buchanan and Nick Maimer  with SACA Entertainment