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MC Mass on Reaction Radio London

MC Mass on Reaction Radio London
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They Call Me Mass
They Call Me MC

Yeah, I've been doing this MC thing for a good few years now (1995-present day), and I'm still as passionate about writing lyrics -and performing them live- as I was when I first started.

I've been on many radio stations and done my thing in clubs and raves all around London and always give it a 100% whether there's ten people there or over a thousand--go hard or go home an' all that ;)

Catch me every Saturday from 4-6 PM with my long time DJ -Grade A- for the most hyped show on Reaction Radio; Generation Hyper's Saturday Afternoon Rave Show. Mr Grade A & Mass MC don't mess about when it comes to giving all you DNB 'n' Jungle addicts your weekly fix.

Remember, if you ain't logging on, you better start jogging on.

Catch @mass_mc
Saturdays 4-6pm on the Saturday Afternoon Rave Show